At Risk Youth Issue Reaches Crisis Level; Calls for National Attention

Youth at risk is a general term for a range of circumstances that place young people at greater vulnerability for problem behaviour, such as substance abuse, school failure and juvenile delinquency, along with mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Many research references on at-risk youth focus on one or more outcomes of particular interest, such as educational failure and drug abuse.

Liberia is fast losing some of its brilliant young minds due to drug addiction and if no speedy intervention in concrete manner, Liberia could be a dent of zogos and prostitution that would one day destroy the peace we now enjoy as a country.

They are everywhere in the community and around the street to harass and hijack citizens’ freedom of movement. The rehabilitation of vulnerable youth in Liberia is necessary to ensure a safe and peaceful future for all Liberians. Dakpannah-24 News Commentary, Written By: Faith D. Dolo (Reporter)

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