“Legalise prostitution”
Dept. Minister for Technical and Vocational Training at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Minister Mallias Z. Sheriff recommends.

G Bennie Bravo Johnson I.
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Making an appearance at the center for intellectual exchange – CEIO on January 5, 2022, the deputy minister pleaded with national government to legalise prostitution.

The minister said prostitution is a business that government can gain revenue from if legalised.

Alluding to Ethiopia and Egypt, minister Sheriff said, it’s very difficult for male travellers to go with out sex for weeks or so, because it is a nature and government should see the need to legalise prostitution to avoid it being practiced any how without government gaining from it.

He said, when legalised, there will be no need for girl to stand in street corners.

However, the minister outlined his achievements at the ministry of Youth and sports as an achievements that the country can benefit from for generations.

The minister revealed that there is 4m budget set to carry out the construction of seven Vocational Training centers in seven counties.

Minister Sheriff intimated, that the government through the ministry of Youth and Sports, is achieving greatly with students being sent out to South Africa and other countries, to enhance their capabilities in the technical areas, as there exists a need for technical knowledge for Liberia, in order to avoid the importation of technicians from neighbouring countries to do what Liberia should be doing for themselves.

Still outlining his achievements, minister Sheriff said, the ministry of Youth and sports is working with the ministry of education and other partner to ensure that students coming out of high school come out with technical knowledge.

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