The Reward of Being Honest: Emmanuel Tulooe Meets President Weah

An honest person gets an honest reward. An honest nation gets developed rapidly. The importance and significance of being honest.

We look deeper into his upbringing and background and how it has paid off today.

Honesty, as the bible says, is about being sincere, trust worthy and living and carrying a bible-like attitude. The bible speaks very clearly and openly about one being honest and sincere and how it pays out afterwards. in real life, an honest person is one who is always seen as a blessful person and carries God’s own blessings and protection.

The case of Emmanuel Tulooe, a young man who rides a motorbike to sustain himself and his family in the county of Nimba. Emmanuel Tulooe has been riding this motorbike for some time now and has been very committed and sincere.

Emmanuel, a son of Nimba county, was seen riding this bike and reporting daily to the owners of the bike. On this day, he was seen carrying two people on his bike and suddenly came across a bag containing US$50,000 / L$100,000.

For the very first time, he came across such money and hurried home to his mother with it. He told her the amount that hat was found and that it should be returned to the rightful owner.

How many young people can do this? In these suffering times, how many young people can take such actions?

Discipline and upbringing of our children matter a lot. This kind of discipline instilled in Emmanuel has led him to be a very honest young man.

With no hesitation, the entire amount was returned and his life is changed forever.

Honesty, a gateway to prosperity, a gateway to sustainable success, and above all, a game changer for a rapidly developmental life. Today, Emmanuel Tulooe was able to meet the President of Liberia and got a lifetime of changes and assurances.

What if he had not returned the money? What if he had lied about such? What if? What if? Life is full of uncertainties, sometimes God uses situations to change a life of a person and generations by extension. Let’s be very careful and mindful on how we carry ourselves in this life. Sometimes our breakthrough comes in strange ways that we have never seen.

Yes indeed, honesty pays and changes our lives for the better. We too can be the same, we too can become the next, we too can be chosen. Let’s guide our lives and be honest.

A lesson learned!

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