A Wolf Disguised As A Sheep, the Case of Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon

Is there a special and love relationship between montserrado senator Dillon and Grand bassa county senator Younblee Kangar Lawrence? With all visible facts available is it something to go with? Why are they always found together at all times doing things together? A secret relationship from the looks of things.

Prior to the death of district 15 former representatives, Adolf Lawrence, whom Senator Dillon was a close friend, there were several close relationships the friends had. Sen. Dillon was even an advocate for former Representative Adolf Lawrence. Specifically, in the case of the late Michael Addison, of whom Rep. Lawrence was accused of being in the know, Senator Dillon was seen all over the place making the case for Rep. Lawrence that he was an innocent man and knew absolutely nothing about the man’s death.

As a result of the Lawmaker death, Mr. Dillon developed a very close relationship with Ms. Lawrence. At some point before becoming senator, Mr Dillon was seen at all times visiting the Lawrence residence, and having free air time on the Bushrod radio station, which belonged to the late Lawrence. Noynblee, who also hailed from Grand Bassa County, was now on the take of things with Mr. Dillon, and was being widely seen in different functions and areas of the country.

Prior to Dillon being a senator, it was widely speculated that this very senator was in a serious relationship with media woman, Mary Williams. Mary Williams was the station manager of Truth FM, at a radio station that Mr Dillon was seen gracing daily.

It was also widely reported that this very Dillon had a very bad domestic record of beating his wife and raining insults on her every time he came home. Sedia Dillon, Senator Dillion’s legally married wife, complained to her mother several times about being beaten up every time he came home drunk.

Is it the man who professed to be the light? Were there any serious errors on the part of the people who elected him? How can a man who claimed to be the light be involved in mass sexual activities and insulting women?

It was reported that after doing the same as he always did to his wife, Mary Williams was now the victim of such maltreatment. The facts were that he beat her, which led the public to know exactly what he and Mary Williams were doing behind the scenes. After being elected as senator, the closeness of ties between him and Sen. Lawrence grew to the extent that lots of public perceptions of their involvement in secret love affairs.

Let us cite a couple of examples. In the midst of the COVID-19 in the country, it was seen widely that Senator Dillon and Younblee Kangar Lawrence was merry-making in the US, as they both travelled together and calling on the government to institute lockdown on the suffering masses. While in the US, they were spotted on occasion drinking and dancing uncontrollably. This gives the thought and perception of something weird happening between the two. With visible evidence all over the place, these two are always seen in secret places all by themselves. Whenever he’s travelling, she will travel. Whenever he goes on different occasions, we will see her accompanying him.

The questions are why are they always found in this unfortunate habit? If for any reason they are working together, it should be between him and the senior senator of montserrado county, Saah Joseph and not Younblee Kangar Lawrence, who hails from Bassa as a representation of the Bassa people, and notMontserrado.

Can this man be trusted any longer? How can a man who claims to be the light, be seen behind the wife of his former friend who dies in an ugly car crash. Can he be called a wolf in sheep’s clothing? From all indications and by the visible evidence of them being seen at all times, the speculations and perception in the public can now be authentic, owing to the facts of their constant and close ties at all times.

As we wind down our findings into these constant and unfortunate happenings of the Montserrado County Senator Darius Dillon, one can clearly surmise that this senator is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, taking into consideration the many secret and unfortunate engagements outside his marital affairs and with the visible evidence that is being seen all over the place involving him and the wife of the late lawmaker, Adolf Lawrence. Party affairs, they are together, legislative affairs they are together, travelling they are together, and you just name it. It is in fact unfortunate that a man who claimed to be the light, be seen in these very unusual and illegal manners.

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