Is CPP the Real Alternative for Liberia?
It is up to You, the People of Liberia, to Make the Decision

Following the establishment of the CPP, the combination of four leading political parties in Liberia, with the sole intent of removing the George Weah lead government on grounds of corruption, bad governance, nepotism, etc, the four collaborating political parties under the banner CPP, have been in the news of late, with a war of words between partisan and supporters of either sides as to who to head the CPP tickets ahead of the crucial elections scheduled for 2023.

The two main rivals, former Vice President Joseph Boakai and Alexander Cummings have been battling and working over time to convince their supporters for the bid of the tickets.

The majority of Liberians are looking for an alternative to unseat the Weah led government and are aligning with these four collaborating political parties in such efforts.

There have been nasty exchanges between supporters of both sides on who should heads the tickets. On one hand people are saying that former Vice President Boakai is too old to lead right now, taking into consideration his age and inability to properly govern the country if elected. Even though he is a former Vice President, over the past twelve years there has been little or nothing being seen from him in terms of development for his people making him unfit for the top job. But others maintain that he has the numbers that are required to unseat the Weah lead regime, and as such, he should be the head of the ticket.

On the other hand, former Coca-Cola Vice President Alex Cummings, a renowned international figure, with a lot of experience and age in his favor, is in a better place to head the ticket.

Others argue strongly that with Alex Cummings in the lead, he will do his very best in terms of bringing changes into the national space and revamping the economic will be very high on his agenda if elected.

With the internal wrangling deepening , the fate of the Liberian people is left in disarray, asthose who are claiming to be the survivor and savior of the people are seen fighting and throwing jabs at one another. With this kind of attitudes being exhibited by these so called liberators, are the people sure that they will come alive under a CPP regime? There are lots of concerns from the public as to whether they can be trusted with state powers, with the internal wrangling coming up from their circle daily. The hope of Liberians for a better alternative is left in tatters. Many Liberians are now saying with the startling revelations coming up from within the CPP, it’s now better to be with the devil you know then the angel you have never seen.

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