Government Releases Official Autopsy Reports Conducted on the Remains of the Late Princess Cooper and Melvin Togba

According to the reports presented by the pathologists, Dr. Benedict B. Kole and Dr Zoebon B. Kparteh says Princess Cooper died as a result of Micro BacteriaTuberculosis which spreads through droplets and is medically categorized as a natural cause of death.

Melvin Togba cause of death was categorized as unnatural due to severe head injury, blunt trauma from a fall from standing position and severe intoxication.

Inspector General Patrick Sudue said the Liberia National Police will do everything possible to bring the cases to a closure as the official autopsy reports has now been presented.

Cllr Nyanti Tuan recieved both reports on behalf of the Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean.

The Minister of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, Hon. Ledgerhood Julius Rennie on behalf of the government expressed sympathy to both families and called on Liberians to believe in their institutions and the work they do.

He said the results from the reports should be accepted as they are scientific processes, to help the families bring both cases to a closure.

In view of the report on Princess Cooper’s remains Dr Zoebon B.Kparteh extended a request to the Ministry of health and National Public Health Institute of Liberia(NPHIL) to carry out contact tracing of all those that came in contact with her due to the cause of death which is TB, a communicable disease.

The official presentation was held at a special press briefing held at Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism.

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