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Borough of Krutown Devastated by Fire: Urgent Plea for Aid from Representative Dixon Seboe and Community

In the Borough of Krutown, a devastating fire incident has left more than 60 individuals without homes and countless properties destroyed. The affected Karpeh Street Community, chaired by Dekontee Woto, is desperately seeking assistance from Representative Dixon Seboe and other concerned individuals.

According to Mr. Woto, the incident occurred on Tuesday, July 25, when a percolator in one of the rooms was left plugged in. The tenant had left the electrical device unattended, causing it to overheat and ignite a fire that spread to four houses, encompassing 13 rooms and seven apartments.

Expressing deep sorrow for his community, the Chairperson described the situation as unfortunate, particularly during this critical time. He urgently called upon Representative Dixon Seboe, as well as other aspirants and influential figures, to step in and provide aid.

Heartbroken victims of the fire also shared their stories, shedding tears as they revealed that they were unable to salvage any of their belongings, including valuable possessions and substantial amounts of cash.

Faith Barclay, one of the victims, expressed her greatest concern about how she would repay the social club money owed, amounting to over L$ 260,000, which was also consumed by the fire.

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