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Boy Pleads for Help & Inclusion

Esther Danyon Johnson reporting from Bomi County

An 8-year-old child residing in Suehn, Macca District, Bomi County, is calling humanitarian organizations, politicians, well wishers and the citizenry to come to his aid as his health condition is worsening daily.

According to little Varney Johnson of Jawejeh Fahn Busu town, he drank a caustic substance in 2016 when he was two years old, something that led his condition to where it is now, but pleading with the Citizenry for quick intervention.

Little Varney Johnson narrated that he currently eats and drinks from a tube, something he stated is unbearable and totally embarrassing to him as a human.

The 8-year-old child, in a pitefull tone, explained that at times he wants to interact with his peers but is denied due to the tube that is connected to his stomach. He added that as the result of his condition, he is not going to school.

Varney is appealing to all Meaningful citizens in and out of Bomi County to come to his aid in finding a way to amicably resolve the situation he currently faces.

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