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Brima Wolobah: With Art; No Disrespect

Since the June 26, 2019 murdering death of Edward Blackie, 29, a water paint artist, mentor and friend to Brima Wolobah, Brima100 (artist name), has relevantly begun exposing Liberian children to the Liberian culture as well as the principles of respect through his paintings, in legacy of his fallen friend.

Brima100 believes that the alleged perpetrators responsible for Edward’s death- had no good upbringing and knew nothing of the values of life; or what it meant to respect one another-

His friend was robbed and killed the night he painted his last painting which he had promised to end the following day.

Edward’s death Brima100 said made him realize that life is not promised; and -we shouldn’t leave things undone,-

“Edward’s death shocked me and took me six months to recover from. Since 2004 he was my inspiration and my best friend,” he stated.

And according to him,- Edward taught him everything he knows about painting- “What’s certain, we don’t have time on Earth and whatever we are doing is in vain.,” he furthered.

Therefore, Edward’s sudden dismiss allegedly ‘drives’ Brima100 in putting more energy on completing paintings.

-leaving things undone-

Brima100 has also been focusing on the charity foundation that the two had planned to partner on before Edward’s death.

“The charity focuses on less fortunate children who are idol and we teach them art. We also teach them how to respect one another and each person who paints,” he added.

Through this he stated, the children will ‘learn not to hurt each other and follow this upbringing in their homes and communities,’.

“I’m doing this in order to make a change and save another life so that this doesn’t happen again in our arts community,” he assured.

Furthermore, Brima100 uses his Renascence Art Studio, once known as Art 2 Art, to immerse children using his Acrylic on Canvas 3-D paintings.

Brima100 claims his paintings represent various traditional and modern works of art all in one painting impaired by his Lofean background.

“The only way I can make this charity a success and live Edward’s legacy is by working hard and getting recognized,” he added.

Meanwhile, Brima100s art represents his spiritual connection to Edward; especially when he is painting.

“I want my paintings to show people my ability that will enable me to make our charity alive,” he said.

Thus far, Brima100 still has some of Edward’s paintings that he hopes to one day place on display.

“He left a son behind and I hope to use the proceedings that we make from his paintings to support him one day,” he added.

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