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Human Rights Activist Demands Justice for Niece of Former Chief Justice in Liberia

Dakpannah U-Thant Nicholas Smith, a human rights activist based in the United States, has expressed grave concern over the untimely death of Charlo Musu, the niece of former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott.

Charlo passed away in an unforeseen incident at her aunt’s residence in Brewerville in February of this year.

Activist Smith released a statement on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, expressing his alarm at the delay in the investigation into the circumstances surrounding Charlo’s death by the Ministry of Justice and the Liberian National Police.

Activist Smith has stated that it is unacceptable that Charlo’s death has not been thoroughly investigated, and justice has not been served for her family.

The release said the lack of progress in the investigation raises serious questions about the transparency and effectiveness of the justice system in Liberia.

Activist Smith has further added that the authorities have a duty to ensure that justice is done, and the delay in this case is a clear violation of that duty.

Activist Smith, who has been advocating for the oppressed in Liberia since 2008, has called on the Ministry of Justice and the Liberian National Police to take immediate action to investigate the circumstances surrounding Charlo’s death and bring those responsible to justice.

He believes that this is not just a matter of justice for Charlo’s family, but also a matter of restoring the public’s confidence in the justice system.

Activist Smith has also urged the Liberian government to take urgent steps to address the systemic issues that prevent justice from being served in a timely and transparent manner. This includes investing in the justice system, improving the training and resources for law enforcement agencies, and addressing corruption and political interference in the justice system.

Charlo’s death is a tragic reminder of the urgent need to address the systemic issues in the justice system in Liberia, according to Activist Smith, who stands with Charlo’s family and urges the authorities to take immediate action to ensure justice is done.

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