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Liberian government scores 40% in human rights protection, a human right organization in the country discloses.


Monrovia: The United Methodist Human Rights Monitor in Liberia 2021 report card, has shown a demeaning performance by the Liberian government in the areas of protection of its citizens, including national security and the provision of basic social services.

Speaking Wednesday on the United Methodist Human Monitor Report on Liberia, the monitor’s Program Manager, Jefferson Knight unearthed that the government failed by scoring 40 percent in the area of protection of citizens across the country.

He further stressed that the government has not been able to boldly address what he calls, the high rate of rape being committed in the year 2021.

According to the monitor’s Program Manager, a little number of senior government officials became richer, while a vast majority of the ordinary people became poorer as if the regime is a producer of poverty.

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