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Momo Blanes JFK Doctors for Damaging his Eye Sight; Pleads to Political Parties for Financial Assistance for Travel and Treatment

Former Senator of Grand Cape Mount County, James Momo has attributed the current condition of his sight to a surgery reportedly conducted on his eyes by doctors at the John F. Kennedy Hospital, as he seeks financial assistance to be flown out of Liberia for proper medication.

Former Senator Momo was elected by the citizens of Grand Cape Mount County on the National Patriotic Party ticket at the 51st Legislature under the leadership of then President Charles Taylor.

Addressing a news conference Monday at his Brewerville residence in Electoral District Number 17, Montserrado County, Momo stressed that the surgery conducted on his eyes at JFK has not been helping the situation, adding that he is gradually losing his sight as the matter is getting worst by the day.

He explained that following the surgery on his eyes, he took a trip to neighboring Sierra Leone for advanced treatment, where according to him, the Sierra Leonian Medical Doctors in Bo disclosed that the JFK Doctors should not have conducted the surgery on his eyes, something he said the Doctors in that country insisted on touching his eyes after he requested another surgery to be conducted on his right eye.

The former Grand Cape Mount County Senator is seeking financial assistance from government officials, including President George Weah, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers, Senate Pro-tempore Albert Chie and other countrymen, to be flown to Ghana, Nigeria or South Africa; the recommended countries for advanced treatment.

He said that due to the lack of funding to take care of his unfortunate situation, he had travelled from Grand Cape Mount County to Montserrado to seek assistance, noting that he cannot go to another medical facility in Liberia, recounting his past experience at JFK.

Momo also stated that although he cannot give an estimated monetary value needed to address his eye problem, the situation has been affecting his eyes since 2019.

The former statesman asserted that he had placed several calls to top government officials, some of whom he rendered personal assistance from and brought to prominence to come to his aid, but to no avail, stressing that he cannot see more than15 to 20 feet farther.

Meanwhile, former Senator Momo, who also served as chair of the Senate’s Committee of Ways, Means and Finance, disclosed that members of the 51st Legislature had no idea about any stolen public money at the time, adding that he left the Liberian Parliament with a clean record.

He further described Liberian politicians as very ungrateful, adding that his 14 year stay in the legislature, including those of the 51st Legislature, did not have the opportunity to benefit more resources. He lacks the needed financial capacity to address his plight.

Momo stressed that he and others fought for the Coalition for Democratic Change, which includes his political party, the National Patriotic Party to assume to national leadership, stressing the need for members of ruling party to swiftly intervene into his medical challenge.

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