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Sen. Dillon Allegedly Beats Girlfriend for Accusing Him of Affair with Sen. Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon is reported to have beaten his girlfriend, leaving her with several bruises, mostly on her face.

According to our sources, Sen. Dillon got angry when his longtime girlfriend Mary Williams accused him of having a love affair with Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence of Grand Bassa.

Dakpannah 24 heard that Mary’s accusations were reportedly confirmed at that moment when Sen. Dillon and Mary were together having fun, Sen. Kangar Lawrence rang Dillon’s phone, and thereafter argument and accusations ensued, thereby leading to a verbal alteration between Dillon and Mary..

Meanwhile, it is highly rumored nearly in every corner of Monrovia that there’s a kind of symbiotic relationship existing between the public figures (Dillon and Nyonblee) as it is also speculated widely that the two of them travel normally abroad the same time in order to spend breaks together in the US.

As a journalist, Mary Williams is reported to have gained the admiration of Dillon in 2014 when she was actively practicing at Truth FM 96.1 before leaving for employment at other media entities in Montserrado County.

The Montserrado County Senator has always been accused of being a woman abuser, dating back to when he was growing up in Grand Bassa County. Rumors had it that James Brown, as he was referred to,was very rude and disrespectful to young girls, which led him to being expelled from the Catholic school in Buchanan City.

A long time close friend of Sen. Dillon, who asked not to be named, told Dakpannah 24 that his friend has serious anger issues that make him to be arrogant and intolerant. This friend of the senator disclosed that at one point he lost his mind because of excessive drinking and smoking.

Sen. Dillon is a Christian and is married to Mrs. Sedia Hawa Dillon. Their union commenced in 1990 and continues to this day. The Dillons have two beautiful children, a son, Darius Jr. and a girl, Dariusetta.

In 2019 an audio recording believed to be the voice of Sen. Dillon’s mother-un-law went viral on social media, in in which she was expressing her frustration about how her daughter was being verbally and bodily abused by him. She alleged that her daughter is treated like a slave by him without the slightest respect for her person.

Sen. Dillon’s mother-in-law accused him of having multiple love affairs with women outside his marriage as well as having children out of wedlock. She said that each time her daughter gets to know about his extramarital affairs, whenever she confronts him, he gets angry and beats her mercilessly.

It is alleged that Sen. Dillon is extremely authoritative and controlling of his wife and multiple girlfriends. The wife of the Senator is grieving over his indecent behavior but can’t come out to speak for the fear of her life and marriage, a source hinted.

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