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SUP Women Presidium Demand Justice for Charloe Musu
Calls on every citizen and inhabitants to take serious security measures..

Monrovia- Liberia, The Vanguard Students Unification Party, through its Women Presidium has vehemently condemned the Murder of Miss Charloe Musu, daughter of the former Chief Justice of Liberia, Her, Honor Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott.

Addressing scores of reporters at the University of Liberia 🇱🇷 Capitol Hills campuses, the chairperson of the SUP Women Presidium Olive Larmie said Liberia is currently being led by Hoodlums and Assassins who have launched their killing spree ahead of the October 10, Presidential and Legislative elections.

Madam Larmie asserted that the Miss Charloe Musu was gruesomely murder while protecting her mother and the attack was as macabre as it was unprovoked as Charloe committed no crime for which she had to die in such a painful manner.

“Charloe Musu is not the only Liberian citizen who has has died under such condition.” she asserted. Madam Olive Larmie maintains that Charloe death carries the characteristics identify of the othe murders carried out in the republic. In furtherance she said Gifty Lamar, Princess Cooper, or the former IAA Boss and the other government auditors mysteriously murder have become uncommon.

Madam Larmie continue that Liberia become a safe haven for goons and thugs, bastards madmen who see human life as nothing important, and the republic has degenerated into a ghetto ruled by criminals and gangsters. “The government is reckless and feckless, the security of Liberians is hanging in space, while President Weah and his corrupt conglomeration enjoy the protection of armed securities paid by state resources, ”she added.

The SUP Women Presidium herby condemns the culture of violence against innocent citizens, especially the murder of the late daughter of former Justice Gloria Musu Scott, and history has proven that injustice is a recipe for Chaos and national disaster.

According to Madam Larmie, Charloe murder is a harsh reminder of the brutal reality we are faced under President George Weah administration, her death is another litmus test, which the regime has once again failed. Our fallen heroine was a victim of the state failure and governmental nonchalance combined with an irresponsible disposition towards the fundamental rights of Liberians as enshrined in the Constitution.

The head of the SUP Women Presidium claimed that they’re more proactive and competent then the Ministry of Gender and Social Protection and in a very unapologetic and unequivocal tone said they remained unbending in the quest for Justice for Charloe Musu, as the Women Presidium-has never known silence in the face of injustice and murderous orchestrations, and this won’t be the last time. The Presidium of the Vanguard Student Unification Party will remain unwavering, unbending, and uncompromising in ensuring that justice prevails for the former Chief Justice and her family as well all those who have died under dubious circumstances.

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