ECOWAS Takes Decisive Actions in Response to Niger Republic’s Military Coup

In light of the recent military coup in Niger Republic, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has swiftly implemented a series of measures to address the situation. These actions aim to exert pressure on the coup leaders and bring about a resolution to the crisis. The following are the key resolutions adopted by ECOWAS:

1. Securing the Borders: ECOWAS has decided to close both land and air borders between its member states and Niger. This step aims to isolate the coup leaders and restrict their movements, preventing any further destabilization.

2. Imposing a No-Flight Zone: In addition to border closures, ECOWAS has established a no-flight zone for all commercial airlines flying to and from Niger. This measure ensures that the coup leaders cannot escape or receive any external support.

3. Suspending Commercial and Financial Transactions: ECOWAS member states are instructed to suspend all commercial and financial dealings with Niger. This embargo aims to cripple the coup leaders economically and demonstrate the collective resolve of ECOWAS against unconstitutional takeovers.

4. Freezing Service Transactions: All service transactions, including energy-related ones, are to be frozen immediately. By cutting off vital services, ECOWAS seeks to increase the pressure on the coup leaders and encourage a swift return to constitutional order.

5. Asset Freezing: ECOWAS Central banks have been directed to freeze the assets of Niger Republic. This action aims to prevent the coup leaders from accessing financial resources and disrupt their ability to carry out their illegitimate activities.

6. Freezing State Enterprises and Parastatals: In addition to asset freezing, all Niger State enterprises and parastatals will have their accounts frozen in commercial banks. This measure further limits the coup leaders’ access to funds and weakens their control over state assets.

7. Suspension of Financial Assistance: ECOWAS has suspended all financial assistance and transactions with Niger, effectively cutting off any external financial support to the coup leaders. This move sends a clear message that ECOWAS stands against any form of unconstitutional power grabs.

8. Travel Bans: Military officials involved in the coup attempt, as well as their families, will face travel bans. Furthermore, anyone accepting a position within the military government will also be subjected to these restrictions. By imposing travel bans, ECOWAS intends to isolate and discourage individuals from joining the illegitimate regime.

These resolutions showcase ECOWAS’ firm stance against military coups and its commitment to upholding democratic principles and stability within the region. ECOWAS calls on the international community to support these measures and join efforts to restore constitutional order in Niger Republic. Night Sky

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