Man Seeks Divorce from Wife for being “Too Beautiful”

A man in Lusaka, Zambia has taken his marital problems to court, claiming that his wife’s beauty is causing him distress.

Arnold Masuka, 40, is seeking a divorce from his wife, Hilda Mleya, citing her captivating beauty as the reason for his decision.

The situation has escalated to the point where Arnold is living in fear that Hilda may be taken away by other men and is hesitant to leave her alone.

The Chief Clerk of the Court, Mr Chenjerai Chireya, expressed his surprise and acknowledged that he had never seen a case like this before.

Arnold has voiced concern over Hilda’s constant smiling, fearing that it may attract unwanted attention from other men.

Chief Chireya has suggested that both families should work towards a resolution, and the unexpected circumstances surrounding the case highlight the impact that perceptions of beauty can have on intimate relationships.

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