Maryam Abacha, Widow of Late Nigerian Military Head of State, says she’s used to Criticism of her Husband and doesn’t Miss Presidential Villa

Maryam Abacha, the widow of the late Nigerian military Head of State, General Sani Abacha, has revealed that she is accustomed to the negative comments made about her late husband, who passed away on June 8, 1998. During a recent interview with BBC Hausa, the former First Lady stated that she did not miss living in the Presidential Villa, even after relocating following her husband’s death.

Mrs Abacha acknowledged that the criticism of politicians was normal, and she was used to hearing both good and bad things about her husband. She cited the current situation in Kano and the nation as examples of people talking about politicians. However, she noted that during Abacha’s rule, no one dared to speak out against him.

She also explained that she had no nostalgia for the Presidential Villa since she had already lived in various parts of Nigeria due to her father’s career as a civil servant. While living with Abacha, they moved around a lot, making the Presidency just another part of her life experience.

Mrs Abacha admitted that being a military wife had its privileges, but it also presented difficulties, particularly since military leaders faced political issues while in power. Nonetheless, she never missed living in the Presidential Villa.

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