UK Woman Charged with Sexual Assault for Posing as Fictional Man on Snapchat

A young woman named Georgia Bilham, age 21, was charged in the UK for sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman multiple times.

Bilham pretended to be a man by using Snapchat and posing as a fictional character named George Parry, using the profile name “George_132X” with the image of a blonde man wearing sunglasses.

This was all to deceive the victim into having a relationship with her. Then, the abuse continued from May to August until the victim’s mother became suspicious of the supposed boyfriend and revealed her doubts to her daughter.

Whenever the two were together, Bilham would take off the victim’s glasses, because she had poor eyesight, as a way to keep her blind to her true identity.

She would also stay clothed and make excuses to avoid any intimate advances from the victim.

However, the victim eventually found a bank card belonging to Bilham and uncovered the truth.

The prosecutor, Anna Pope, said that the victim consented to the sexual activity with ‘George’, not Bilham, during the court proceedings.

The trial is expected to last for five days.

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