Zimbabwe Named World’s Most Miserable Country for Third Consecutive Year

Zimbabwe has once again been named as the world’s most miserable country in an annual report that analyzes almost 160 nations based on factors like unemployment, inflation, and bank-lending rates.

The African nation, with a population of 16 million, has remained in the top five of the gloomiest nations for three consecutive years.

The report states that Robert Mugabe’s reign led to the country becoming an international outcast, with corruption, violence, and economic crisis leading to thousands living in poverty.

Venezuela and Syria follow behind Zimbabwe on the misery index, with both countries suffering from economic mismanagement.

Professor Steve Hanke, the economist behind the ranking, claims that one of the biggest factors for Zimbabwe’s ranking is its political party’s iron grip and allegations of election rigging and violence.

With elections approaching, opposition leader Nelson Chamisa could potentially lead Zimbabwe out of its misery, according to Hanke.

Along with Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Syria, Lebanon, and Sudan are also among the most miserable countries.

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