65 Comptrollers And Accountants Attended 3 Days Training In Financial Reporting

A financial reporting training aimed at strengthening the capacities of comptrollers and accountants of government agencies got underway Wednesday, May 12, 2021, in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

According to a release from the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, about 65 comptrollers and accountants from various agencies of government attended the three days capacity building training.

The release noted that the training was organized by the Comptrollers and Accountants General Department at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning. The theme for the training was “Using the IFMIS free balance Platform to Generate Reports and Prepare Financial Statements”.

Meanwhile according to the release, the Director for Technical Services within the comptrollers and accountant general department, Dede D. Sandman said the issue of financial reporting has been regular activities at the ministry of finance through the comptrollers and accountant general office.

He said under the new PFMU amendment and restated law signed into handbill by the President in October 2019, mandates the comptroller and accounting department to request for timely financial reports from all accountants and comptrollers across ministries and agencies.

The release quote him as saying, “the law mandates that all comptrollers and accountants across the country will now have a reporting responsibility to report to the Comptrollers and accountants general department.”

He continue by stressing that each comptrollers and accountants department is responsible for regular rotations of accountants and comptrollers in ministries and agencies across the country to avoid delay in reporting process if he or she is not reporting on time.

The usages of the Integrated Financial Management Information free balance System (IFMIS)is a platform that is used by the government of Liberia to process all government transactions.

“We are also trying to enlighten the minds of comptrollers in generating reports from the IFMIS free balance system and preparing the financial system” He added.

At the same time Mr Sandman said they also expect a good monitoring and evaluation system across the government because their statistics show that they are still in the learning process. “Efficiency in preparation of financial statements for submission to the comptrollers and accountants office will be timely.”

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