“Act of State Barbarism”
SUP Raises Red Flag Over State Intimidation, Assassination

University of Liberia campus-based political party, Student Unification Party (SUP) has termed the recent attack against former Chief Justice Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott and the alleged threat of intimidation and assassination against one of its strong stewards, comrade A. Jerry Tuwah as a complete act of state barbarism.

According to the SUP, such action is an affront to the essence of genuine democracy and has the potential to destabilize the country’s hard-earned peace and democracy.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with this paper Thursday, March 2, 2023 on the University of Liberia Fendell Campus, SUP chairman on Information, Press and Propaganda Mohammed Shabazz Jalloh said that they are constrained to call on the government of Liberia under the leadership of President George M. Weah-led regime to immediately desist from wish-hunting law-abiding citizens who questioned the Status quo of government.

He noted that isn’t very sadden that the government of Liberia will continue to engaged into witch-hunting people who are critical voice only because they are exposing failed policies of President Weah administration.

“The Vanguard Students Unification Party-SUP condemns the consistent attempt of this CDC-led government to witch-hunt peaceful civilians for demonstrating their constitutional rights as well as international protocols for which Liberia is a signatory,” Jalloh stated.

However, SUP at the same time has raise an alleged red flag against the government of Liberia over allegations, intimidation and assassinations of one of its strong stewards, comrade A. Jerry Tuwah.

SUP Propaganda chair comrade Jalloh alleged that comrade Tuwah had been witch-hunted by the CDC government due to his critical stand against national issues.

“Comrade A. Jerry Tuwah a student of the University of Liberia, and strong stewart of SUP who has been a major critic of the regime, and one of the lead supporters of the “FixTheCountry” campaign, is the newest victim of intimidation and state orchestrated-plan to prosecute him unlawfully because of his unrelenting role of advocacy guarantee by the 1986 constitution of Liberia” SUP Propaganda chair alleged.

According to him, since the coming into being of the CDC regime, the only alternative and root they have utilized over the past five years to maintain so-called dominance have been through harassment and brutalization of those who stand opposite their rule.

He disclosed that the CDC regime is yet again bent on terrorizing students who stood tall and uncompromising in the quest to “Fix the Country”.

Activist Jalloh pointed out that it’s never a crime to be an activist, unlike in Liberia, the genuine views of activists and peaceful citizens are rendered the biggest crime against the state which places one life at risk.

“We want to openly say to the Liberian people and the world that the life of comrade A. Jerry Tuwah is not safe in Liberia right now. And we draw the attention of the international community, the Liberia National Bar Association, the US Embassy Near Monrovia, British Embassy, Swedish Embassy, the EU mission, AU, ECOWAS, Independent Human Right Commission, religious and traditional leaders that Liberia is no longer a smooth space to demonstrate your constitutional franchise” he stated.

Comrade Jalloh narrated that many young students particularly critics of the CDC Government militants and leaders of SUP as well as advocates like comrade A. Jerry Tuwah flew the country in fear for their lives, because of their revolutionary stance here.

” The Vanguard Party will never sit tight thereby continuously allowing this devilish and dangerous attempt of the government to silence major opposition as we approach an important event in Liberia’s history where the masses will be going to the polls in October to elect the next president as well as legislatures of the republic of Liberia as provided in the 1986 Constitutional provisions of our country” chairman Jalloh asserted.

According to Jalloh this consistent habitual tactic of the government is a major threat to the sustainability of peace and democracy in Liberia.

” Everyone must come under one accord and condemn this act now before we experience the worst outcome. The Vanguard Students Unification Party as the lone voice of the students and the suffering masses without fear of intimidation will expose and resist any attempt of this government to display fear and false allegations against student leaders and activists” he concluded.

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