“Always Choose Dialogue Over violence”
President Weah Urges Citizens Of Sinoe County

President George Weah urged citizens of Sinoe County to always choose dialogue over violence.

On Saturday, May 8, 2021, the President of the Republic of Liberia, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah visited and held town hall meetings in Juarzon and Tarjuowon Statutory Districts. He thanked the people of Sinoe for expressing their confidence in him with their votes in 2017. The President then stressed that the development of Liberia depends on the existence of peace, unity and harmony.

Although the difference of opinions is a normal stance in any community, the President brought up the longstanding dispute amongst political leaders and tribes in the county. It is unfortunate that we have failed to resolve so many of these issues.

Addressing four separate town hall meetings in Togbaville, Greenville, Tarjuowon and Bilibokree on the4th leg of his nationwide tour, the President told citizens of Sinoe County that the continued in-house fighting and land disputes amongst citizens could delay or deny much-needed development.

The Liberian Leader said Sinoe County has been stagnant for a long time in terms of technical progress and that it was time “we put our act together to move forward progressively.”

He added, “It is unacceptable and regrettable for the third original county of this country to be so underdeveloped and yet the leaders are embroiled in reported personal-interest-driven disputes. These problems can be resolved, yet they exist because of perceived personal interests of some of the leaders of the county.” In addition, “This is very sad and unacceptable. As leaders, we should prioritize the interests of both people and county and make sure that the lingering disputes and disunity are resolved once and for all. We are prepared to change that dynamic but this can only be possible if we all work together including the Legislative Caucus and you the citizens.”

The President concluded with “That makes us good leaders and rational citizens. Everything we need, including roads, markets, housing units, schools, health centers, among others will be achieved if there is peace”

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