CEO of International Bank Liberia Limited Seeks Divorce, Citing Inhumane Treatment and Incompatibility of Temper

The CEO of International Bank Liberia Limited, Henry Saamoi, has filed a petition with the civil law court of Montserrado county to end his nine-year marriage with his wife, Vivian Joe Saamoi. In his complaint, he cited incompatibility of temper and cruel and inhumane treatment as reasons for the dissolution.

The couple got married on December 6, 2015, hoping to live together in peace, harmony, and happiness while raising their children with Christian faith.

However, the defendant’s reported disrespectful behavior, using insulting words like “stupid,” “useless,” and “foolish,” shattered this dream.

Her aggression led to physical fights in front of their children and maid, and despite intervention from family and friends, her attitude persisted.

The CEO left their marital home and currently resides in a rented property since February 2020, citing his wife’s behavior as the reason for their separation.

Their marital problems began in 2016 when Vivian told Henry that her pregnancy was not his.

Despite appeals from her family and friends, he supported her through the pregnancy, but their relationship has not been the same since.

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