Chief Zanzan Karwor Criticizes Opposition and Endorses President Weah’s Reelection Campaign

Chief Zanzan Karwor, the distinguished orator at Liberia’s 176th Independence Day Celebration, strongly criticized the opposition community for their alleged lack of contribution to the country’s development alongside President George Weah.

Addressing the audience at the official Independence Day Celebration held in Monrovia on July 26, 2023, Chief Karwor emphasized that the progress of Liberia cannot solely depend on the efforts of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change. He stressed that the development of the nation necessitates a collaborative approach, involving President George Weah and all opposition politicians who aspire to serve the citizens.

Expressing his disappointment, Chief Karwor questioned the state of development in Monrovia, the capital city, stating that progress should have extended throughout the entire country by now.

He firmly believed that the opposition would have equally challenged the Weah-Taylor regime in terms of development. However, he noted their failure to do so, as they prioritize pursuing political power over fulfilling their responsibilities to the nation.

Chief Karwor challenged the opposition community to provide evidence of any political prisoners under the CDC-led government, despite the numerous political conflicts and confrontations that have occurred.

Furthermore, he urged the Chairperson of the National Elections Commission to ensure a fair and credible electoral process for all candidates participating in the upcoming elections on October 10, 2023.

Chief Karwor also cautioned all NEC staff, including polling staff from political parties, against prematurely announcing unofficial election results in the absence of the NEC Chairperson.

He emphasized that Liberia must avoid a return to the horrors of war and strive for a peaceful future.

Meanwhile, Chief Zanzan Kawor sent shockwaves throughout the nation when he publicly expressed his support for President George Weah’s reelection campaign. The unexpected backing from Kawor has caused opposition politicians to reconsider their strategies, urging them to shift their focus towards fostering the country’s development rather than engaging in relentless battles against the President.

Addressing the opposition in his native Bassa language, which was later translated into English by a government-appointed translator, Kawor emphasized the importance of prioritizing the welfare of the people and putting an end to constant opposition against their leader.

He reminded them that it went against their traditions to continuously fight against their leader, and he urged them not to bring shame upon their traditional people.

He expressed his hope that the opposition would join forces with the President to work towards the betterment of their traditional people, highlighting that people naturally gravitate towards those who genuinely care for their well-being.

As the head of the National Traditional Council of Liberia, Kawor’s unexpected endorsement has sparked heated debates within the country’s political circles, leaving many questioning his motives behind such a decision. This has led analysts to believe that his actions have significantly undermined the role he and the Traditional Council are expected to play in potential pre- and post-election crises.

The timing of Kawor’s endorsement is crucial, considering President Weah’s formidable competitors, former Vice President Joseph Boakai and Alexander Cummings.

It remains unclear whether Kawor’s decision was sanctioned by the Traditional Council, an institution that he has consistently failed to subject to elections due to alleged lack of funding, which has extended his tenure.

Despite the controversies surrounding his endorsement, Chief Zanzan Kawor’s respected traditional backing carries immense weight and has the potential to sway public opinion in favor of President Weah.

To defend his endorsement, Kawor has highlighted the President’s generous contributions to the Traditional Council, including the provision of 30 vehicles, 150 motorbikes, and 15 ambulances.

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