Coalition for Democratic Change Sets New Standard for Democracy and Free Speech in Liberia

In a recent speech at the Center for the Exchange of Intellectual Opinions in Monrovia, Emmanuel Mulbah Johnson, the Youth League Chair of the CDC, proudly proclaimed that the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change has surpassed all previous regimes in its commitment to peace, free speech, democracy, and citizens’ freedom of association.

Drawing a parallel between President George Weah and the revered Nelson Mandela, Johnson asserted that Weah has successfully upheld Liberia’s democratic values since taking office in January 2018.

However, Johnson also highlighted the unjust treatment of CDC National Chair Mulbah Morlu and Secretary General Jefferson Tamba Koijee, who were unlawfully imprisoned for speaking out against the corrupt practices and embezzlement of national resources by the former ruling Unity Party under ex-President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Nevertheless, Johnson emphasized that under the Weah-Taylor administration, opposition parties have been granted the opportunity to express their views freely through public platforms such as radio, television, and peaceful protests, without fear of their rights being violated.

Furthermore, Johnson exposed the prevalence of autocratic and dictatorial leadership within many other political parties, underscoring the CDC’s commitment to democratic principles and practices.

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