Confusion Erupts at NBC Over Deputy Dismissal

National Bureau of Concessions Director General, Edwin Dennis dismisses his Deputy Director for Administration, Nathaniel Bracewell; as the dismissed government official challenges the decision; says he can only be taken off the job by President Weah.

The dismissed government official has challenged the decision; saying he can only be taken off the job by the President of Liberia.

The NBC boss is taking said administrative decision despite the power to appoint and dismiss a government official is exclusively given to the Liberian presidency in consonance with the 1986 Constitution.

According to the dismissal letter currently in possession of Dakpannah 24 Edwin Dennis alleged that his deputy has been taking what he described as an undeserved salary and failed to restitute said money.

Following Dennis’ decision on Monday, tension broke up at the NBC when he ordered security at the office not to allow in Nathaniel Bracewell, his dismissed Deputy Director.

Speaking to a team of journalists on the scene, the now embattled and dismissed NBC’s DG, Nathaniel Bracewell vowed to keep coming to work, describing his dismissal as a quasi-decision emanating from Edwin Dennis who he also termed as one of the problematic officials in government.

Narrating further, Bracewell disclosed that his boss has reportedly been using ladies working at the NBC to lie on his name, adding that the case also appeared before President George Weah and following an investigation conducted, was found not guilty.

The embattled NBC’s Deputy DG in a very strong tone, stressed that as long he has received any formal communication from the Liberian leader, he will continue to serve in the capacity because he is being paid with taxpayers’ money.

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