Customs Brokers Plan to Resist APM Terminal, if They Try to Exclude Them in Any Trade Transaction

By Elijah D S Pyne.

The President of the National Customs
Brokers of Liberia, James Hinneh, has assured his institutional commitment to resist any act by APM terminal that does not involve the Customs Brokers.

It has been reported that the APM terminal at the free port of Monrovia is planning to remove the National Customs Brokers of Liberia from its position at the port.

According to James Hinneh, his institution will counterattack any plan by APM terminal and the National Legislature in the name of moving the National Customs Brokers that give the institution power in dealing with clients.

Hinneh said no multi-national institution will come into the country without taking into consideration the local content.

He furthered that the people they are representing are worried about the future. It depends on the leaders of the Customs Brokers to help to mitigate those challenges ahead.

The President of the Association said that if the government has any plans about changing, the Customs Brokers must be included in the decision making process.

The National Customs Brokers President said his administration remains robust and focused in fighting against acts that will undermined the workings of the institution.

He said if the brokers are not around the table to facilitate trade, this is a total mistake because it is the broker who understands every aspect of the trade industry.

Hinneh at the same time stressed that they are ready to call government and any Stakeholder to attention if any stakeholder moves counter productive to what is meant to facilitate trade if their policy posts a barrier to trade.

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