Defense Minister admonishes Politicians and Political Parties to remain peaceful during these elections.As The AFL Commemorate 66 years of existence, The AFL remain a Force for Good!

Shakespeare Z. Zeanbo


Monrovia-Liberia: The Minister of National Defense has strongly admonished all political actors in respective of their political affiliation to remained peaceful and civil during these heated elections period. He at the same time encouraging them to persuade their dreams in what they want to become. He therefore passionately plead to all political actors not to crossed the Democratic RedLine beyond the collective will of the Liberian people and we’ll stand by the expressed will of the Liberian people in line with the constitution of the Republic of Liberia, and the Armed Forces of Liberia will remained a force for good.

“ As today marks the 66th anniversary celebration of the AFL and 6th celebration under CDC Government, from 2018-2023, I remained extremely grateful to captain this strategic ship up to this point, I appreciate the President for his immense support towards the Armed Forces of Liberia and Ministry of National Defense, under my watch, he continue enhance our development and capacity to execute our duties and improve our performance on the local and international scenes.” Minister Ziankahn noted.

According Minister Ziankahn, in consistent with the President of Liberia intent to improving the living and working environments of the gallant men and women in arms , the President of Liberia also mandated and provided fundings for the construction of additional housing units and five multi purpose bathrooms facilities in the barracks. He further stated that these projects are about 80% completed and when completed will significantly mitigate the household and sanitary needs of the AFL. Additional, we have ensured that almost all Assistant Ministers and Directors of the Ministry of National Defense as well as key Commanders of the Armed Forces of Liberia are fully mobile.

Meanwhile, The Armed Forces of Liberia on February 11, 2023 celebrated the its 66th anniversary at the Barclay Training Center in Monrovia. This year’s Anniversary was celebrated under the theme “ Inter-Agency Collaborations, Working Together for a Peaceful Elections.

Historically, February 11, every year was declared a National holiday day for the annual celebration of the Armed Forces Of Liberia in 1957. This was done to recognize an important event in this West African nation.

Annually, the President as the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia proclaim February 11, Armed Forces Day as a National holiday to be observed throughout the nation.

Various activities following the proclamation include military parades and ceremonies in honor of veterans of the National Army and Coast Guards; recognition of the Armed Forces protecting the territorial integrity of Liberia from foreign aggression and encroachments.

Delivering the Keynote address, Major General Pablo Estrada Commanding General of the 46 Military Police Command Task Force 46, Lansing, Michigan USA, stressed the need for Partnership, Commitment and Support for the AFL.

Maj. Gen. Estrada expressed great interest in the AFL as it continue to develop in various ways”I’m proud of the AFL today that over one hundred fifty of its men serving the United Nations peace keeping missions in Mali since 2013 and the construction of a modern state of the art 14 military hospital.” He asserted.

According to General Estrada as the Liberia gets prepared for Presidential and Legislative elections it’s important that the AFL remained non political in the discharge of its duties throughout the land and breath of Liberia.

“Today, the AFL has greatly improved most of its facilities including the Barclay Training Center, Edward Beyan Kesseley Military Barracks and many others, I’m glad to see a full functional Military hospital with an Operating room, Intensive Care Unit, X-ray amongst many others,” Maj. Gen. Estrada concluded.

In remarks, the President and Commander-in- Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia appreciate the gallant men and women in arms and therefore used the day to campion the honor of the past and present members of the Armed Forces of Liberia, because there cannot be a stronger democracy with out a professional military.

“As Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia I have explicit confidence in the ability of our troops and security forces to effectively execute their duties, I have progressively monitored the achievements of the Armed Forces of Liberia and I have no doubts that it is on the right track for greatness both locally and internationally ” he added.

According to President Weah, there are unique capacities the AFL can bring in supporting civil authority, particularly in our development efforts, and as a nation first and foremost, he said, we must strengthen our borders control mechanisms and remain vigilance against the negatives that could affect the peace and stability of our nation and our people.

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