Due to the Over-crowding of the Monrovia Central Prison, the Full Bench of the Supreme Court of Liberia Mandates Magistrates of the Subordinate to Release Pre-Trial Detainees who have Committed Minor Offenses

The mandate said magistrates are to release individuals who have served over a 30 day jail sentence at the Monrovia central prison due to over-crowding.

Last week the Prison Superintendent Varney Lake reportedly rejected inmates that were being sent from the Monrovia Central City Court.

According to prison officials, the prison is overcrowded, and as such, they have vowed not to allow any more inmates until measures are instituted to address the current situation the prison is facing.

Meanwhile, our judicial correspondent said the Supreme Court’s decision is an apparent response to the recent meetings held with the Justice Minister, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean, and members of the bench.
Our correspondent further revealed that the decision by the prison administration saw a contempt charge issued by West Point Magisterial Court magistrate against the Monrovia Central Prison Superintendent Varney Lake for refusing to jail defendants that needed to be jailed.

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