“Ellen Corkrum Want Me Sack ”; SG Cephus Speaks Out

Liberia Solicitor General Cllr. Serenius Cephus, has categorically denied and refused all allegations levied against him, by Liberia’s former Airport boss Ellen Corkrum, describing the allegations as outrageous and baseless, and observing that Corkrum’s wish is that President George M. Weah remove him from the position he currently occupies in the government.

Speaking on a local radio station in Monrovia when he and madam Ellen Corkrum appeared, SG Cephus challenged madam Corkrum to provide any piece of evidence as it relates to extorting money from her or discussing anything relative to ritualistic killings. According to Cephus, the only individual in the whole world who knows about his “ritualistic” habit is Corkrum; as such, she should come up with all or any piece of evidence linking him to her allegations, as the burden of proof lies on the accuser according to the Liberian jurisprudence.

According to him, the allegation that he has taken the photo of the Minister of Justice, Cllr. Frank Musah Dean, to a witch doctor only puts him in an embarrassing situation, because anytime the Minister observed a headache or any form of sickness he would have thought that it is due to the witch doctor’s ritual performance, and that Cephus is the one behind it.

He also stated that Corkrum is calling on President Weah, whom she accused of also being a ritualist, to dismiss him from his position, which he sees as sheer hypocrisy. He said all Corkrum has against him is the audio recording in which she accused Ofori Diah of telling her that he (Cephus) had been to a witch doctor and sacrificed three virgin girls to obtain his Solicitor General position, which he refuted in the same telephone conversation and requested that she give Diah’s phone number to confront him about the allegation.

However, madam Corkrum maintained that Cllr. Cephus is an extortionist and a ritualist. She accused Cephus of using his position to extort money from people and asked that he resign or be suspended from his Solicitor General position, in order for him to undergo an investigation to clear his name.

She further narrated that a group of religious women has reached out to her and disclosed that their virgin girls have been disappearing, but because they do not have the platform to speak, they could not be heard. She stated that these women have opened up to her and she will soon be revealing them for redress.

But Corkrum failed to display any evidence, be it audio recording or photograph, against Cllr. Cephus, in order to indict him for at least one of the allegations she is levying against him.

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