EMS Volunteers Cried on President Weah
…..We’ve been here since 2018 not on payroll

Several Volunteers of the Emergency Medical Response Service at the Ministry of Health are calling on President George M. Weah to intervene in their situation as they have been volunteering since 2018 without being place on payroll.

“We have volunteered for almost 4years now since 2018 till date. We fought the covid-19 with none of us benefiting any cash as payment for those services we rendered since we were straightly volunteers.”

Volunteer Staff plycards read.

The volunteers displayed plycards welcoming the President and at the same time made their intention clear to President George Manneh Weah who had gone to dedicate Liberia’s first Dialysis Center and named it in honor of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

EMERGENCY MEDICAL RESPONSE-EMS/ RESPIRATORY is ensure that the highest-quality of emergency medical care is provided to people of Liberia through an integrated and coordinated system of services; and to foster the medical and health resiliency of the community during disasters and emergencies.

The group of Volunteers at the EMERGENCY MEDICAL RESPONSE-EMS/ RESPIRATORY trained Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs) -Trained paramedics -Trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) -Trained Emergency medical Vehicle operators (Ambulance –Drivers) EMVOs

The over twenty (25) Volunteers positions and execution of duties range from Data entry clerk, Assistant Logistics and ware house keeper, BSN nurses, RN nurses, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

The EMTs and nurses are first hand responders to all road accident cases and patients referred from different facilities to the JFK and others. All sick persons who are picked up by the Ambulance should have these nurses on board.

Onboard the Ambulances these volunteers take along a form that is called, Patient Care Return Forms. With this form, all information about the patient will be returned and given to the data entry clerk to have they hard and soft copies for monthly report at the Ministry.

The Assistant Logistics and ware house keeper for over these years (4) has been responsible for receiving and logging in assets of the EMS. In extension, he receives and distribute IPC materials that are to be on those ambulances on a daily basis while they are making those runs to collect patients. He logged in those receivable materials, and make monthly report to the Ministry as per the percentage of liquidation done before making request.

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