Finance Minister Wants Audit Enforcement Across Government Ministries and Agencies

Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel Tweah has called on the Auditor General of the General Auditing Commission, Garwa Johnson, to ensure the process of audit is enforced in government ministries and agencies.

Speaking at the Internal Audit Agency’s one day Transparency and Integrity Collaborative Forum under the Theme, “Taking IAA to the people,” held at the Monrovia City Hall, Minister Tweah noted that the process can be achieved through what he calls the accountability of public funds in national government.

The Finance and Development Planning Minister further cautioned the GAC boss to properly work along with ministers of government when they receive monies and ensure total check and balance in the use of the fund.

Minister Tweah also stressed the need for heads of government integrity institutions, including other citizens, understand the “Whistle Blower Act” before its passage into law, noting that the function of the law when passed, will help in the fight against corruption and fraud in national government.

He admonished that heads of government entities should work with innovation and demonstrate the difference from the workings of their predecessors; something he believes will make their institutions vibrant in the promoting of transparency and accountability.

At the same time, Minister Tweah has called on comptrollers at various government institutions to properly and adequately increase their workings, beginning now until December, 2021, ahead of the new budget year.

He further urged the comptrollers to generate their actual report in line with the laws and write down their report, despite the interference of any government ministers, calling on them to display data to promote transparency and accountability in government.

Meanwhile, the Auditor General of the General Auditing Commission, Garwa Johnson, said the implementation of the laws still remains a major challenge in the country; something, according to him, national government has invested a significant portion of money to strengthen the rules and regulations.

Auditor Johnson noted that the implementation of laws will always remain a major challenge in the governance system until the laws are combined into what he calls a checklist.

He stressed that the voluminous nature of the laws will not cause the government to make progress in the country; something he believes requires a collaborative effort among government-lined ministries and agencies to achieve.

The GAC boss said the institution cannot get involved in management operations at an entity, stressing that prevention mechanisms have to be put in place, while the institution does the implementation as part of its obligation.

Mr. Johnson further expressed excitement for the initiative, adding that the collaboration with all integrity institutions in the country is key on the agenda of the GAC in fighting corruption across Liberia.

The GAC also called on the Public Procurement and Concessions Commission to form a national compliance checklist; something he said when established, will be used by the Internal Audit Authority to check all transactions taking place in all government ministries and agencies.

According to him, the IAA has a key role in national government to reduce corruption and fraud to 50% at government entities; something he said has been proven through international statistics conducted.

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