FLY Condemns Alleged Attack Against Lewis Brown

The Federation of Liberian Youth has grave concerns over the violence surrounding alleged attack on Lewis Brown, and we condemn all such actions promoting electoral violence. We call on the Government of Liberia to investigate in a speedy and transparent manner the situation leading to such altercation, with the results of those investigation made public as soon as possible and any culpable parties brought to justice in a court of law. The international community has expressed strong concerns over the simmering threats to democracy in Liberia and the growing hostilities between youth in different political parties. We share those concerns.

As a nation, we face incredible obstacles as we continue to rebuild our country after 14 years of destruction and the economic devastation caused by the Ebola crisis and Covid-19, we must focus on the task of developing our country and work together in peace and unity.

We encourage young people to prioritize dialogue over confrontation and refuse to allow themselves to be tools of violence, especially during this election.

FLY stands ready on behalf of young people to work with government and partners to advance dialogues to promote peace and democracy in Liberia.

For the past 48 years, FLY has been committed to advancing youth political participation and promoting democratic governance. We will continue our work to strengthen Liberia democracy and achieve prosperity for all citizens.

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