Former Chief Justice and Three Others Apprehended for Murder and Conspiracy Charges

Four individuals, including former Chief Justice Cllr. Gloria Musu-Scott, were apprehended by Monrovia City Court authorities on Thursday.

The group, consisting of Gloria Musu Scott, Ma Getrude Newton, Rebecca Wisner and Alice Johnson, were charged with a series of crimes, including murder, criminal conspiracy, and false reports to law enforcement officials.

The defendants are accused of using sharp instruments, likely knives, to stab victim Charloe Musu multiple times, leading to her untimely death.

The alleged actions of the defendants go against several sections of the New Panel Law of Liberia, including sections 14.1, 10.4 &12.33.

The state was represented by the Ministry of Justice and its prosecuting attorneys, while the defendants were represented by their own legal counsel.

The prosecution lawyers requested that the court deny and dismiss the defense lawyers’ motion, citing the severity of the crimes as capital offenses.

The Monrovia City Court Stipendiary Magistrate, L. Ben Barco, has reserved ruling into the matter before making a final determination.

In the meantime, the former Chief Justice and three others have been sent to Monrovia Central Prison to await the court’s final decision.

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