House Summons Forestry Development and Land Rights Authorities on Management of Forest in Liberia

The plenary of the House of Representatives has resolved to invite the Forestry Development, the Land Rights authorities and the Community Forest Development Committee (CFDC) to answer questions on the management of forests in Liberia.

The plenary decision was triggered by a communication from River Gee county District #3 lawmaker, Francis Dopoh.

Representative Dopoh, in his communication, noted that forests owned by Liberians are gradually becoming a curse to them.

The River Gee lawmaker added that Liberians are not getting the required benefits and support, as intended in the formation of the forest benefit fund.

He asserted that most of the Forest Communities have not been assigned Community Forest Status, least to mention obtaining benefits from the Conservation program.

Representative Dopoh indicated that though River Gee is blessed with many Forests and other bountiful resources, its people are currently living in poverty and are heavily relying on the scacre resources of the Government.

Meanwhile, the Plenary, after deliberation on the matter, unanimously voted to invite parties involved on Tuesday of next week to come together.

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