Integrity Watch Liberia and Partners Launch Program to Ensure Adherence to Campaign Financing Regulations

Integrity Watch Liberia, the National Elections Commission, and their development partners have come together to implement a program aimed at ensuring political parties adhere to the Campaign Financing Regulations.

The program was officially launched on Monday, July 17, 2023, at a local hotel in Monrovia.

During the program overview, Harold Aidoo, Executive Director of Integrity Watch Liberia, emphasized the importance of accountability, transparency, and good governance for political parties aspiring to hold state power.

He expressed concern about the financing of political parties and the lack of proper financial reporting.

Aidoo explained that the project will utilize technology to track campaign financing and prevent electoral bribery, among other issues.

This initiative aims to support political institutions in their efforts to promote integrity and ethical practices.

Representatives from UNDP, USAID, and other international partners reaffirmed their commitment to the success of the project, highlighting their continued support.

Boakai Dukuly, one of the Commissioners at the NEC, praised Integrity Watch Liberia for taking this significant step and wished them well in carrying out the project.

The launch marked a milestone in the efforts to ensure transparency and accountability in political campaigns and elections.

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