“It’s Time to Dedicate Projects,” President Weah Boast as he Dedicates US$200,000 Re-Modeled NAFAA Headquarters

By G Bennie Bravo Johnson

President Weah, on Friday, March 4th, 2022, dedicated a US$200,000 remodeled corporate headquarters of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) on the BushrodIsland, in minrovia.

Speaking at the occasion, President Weah Acknowledged the effort of NafAA Director-General Emma Glasco and her team for the hard work done in achieving the project. He encouraged heads of government Ministries and Agencies that do not have Headquarters to strive to achieve similar goals, because he is no longer interested in breaking ground, but is interested in dedicating Government Projects.

Acknowledging the efforts of other government agencies and ministries who have obtained their own buildings, President Weah named the National Port Authority, LPRC, and the Maritime Authority as institutions that have braved the storm to build their own Head offices in the Country.

Intimating that “You are all witnesses to the fact that it doesn’t matter your age, but what matter sis your Diligence and your willingness to work so you can always deliver. Our vision is not against old people, but our vision is to create a peaceful working environment where the older and the younger generations can work together to achieve one common goal.

Alluding to his promise in one of his cabinet meetings, the President asserted, “I said before in my last Cabinet Meeting that I will no longer Brake – ground. I am serious about what I said and I am glad that DG Glassco and her team got my message Clearly that I will only come to dedicate projects. because breaking ground is just a symbol of what you want to achieve, but the reality is what you achieve in the end.”

The Liberian leader added that he is an achiever and loves to achieve, noting that “I want to now be invited by Ministers and Directors of government agencies that are in line with the PAPD to come and dedicate projects and not to break ground every time”.

President Weah, who is also a former Liberian Peace Ambassador used the occasion to further thank Liberia Partners and to recount the significant role peace plays in the rebuilding of Liberia’s infrastructure.
“I want to use this medium to say thanks to our Partners for the corporation and their many Assistance to Liberia, because without cooperation, harmony, and dialogue, this relationship can not go far,” he noted.

As it is often said, if you want to go on a journey alone you can never go far, but if you go with people, you will go far. Peace is all we need. Without peace, we can not achieve our ultimate goal”. President Weah concluded.

For her part, the Director-General of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NafAA) Madam Emma Glassco said that the reconditioning of NaFAA’s Corporate Head Office was fully funded by the Liberian government through NaFAA, and no Donors funds were used.

Madam Glassco stated that the building is now fully capacitated to run the country’s fisheries industry. “When we got here this building was a two-bedroom apartment, with very small working space. I was able to negotiate with the Managing Director of the National Port Authority (NPA) to get the land deed for this place, During the Past government, occupants of this building were paying to (NPA) Because they are the owners of this Building. after we negotiate with the MD of (NPA) we can safely tell you, Mr. President? that we now have full ownership of this compound.

As our interactions with the public increased and as our operations increased, we deemed it Necessary to reconstruct and re-molded this facility from button to top with the approval of the (NaFAA) board. We were able to find money within our operations budget to use to reconstruct and re-mold this facility. This project was funded by the government of Liberia and it is not a donor sponsored project.”

In Conclusion, she stated that, “Within this facility, we have modern tech.

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