Jefferson Koijee, Mayor of Monrovia City, has Promised to Step Down from His Position if Concrete Proof Emerges that he was Involved in the Transportation of Weapons to Liberia

In the face of allegations that he was involved in smuggling firearms into Liberia, Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee has made a bold statement. He has declared that he will step down from his position if concrete evidence can be produced to prove his involvement.

The accusations were made by several individuals, including the owner of Spoon Corporation, Stanton Witherspoon, and City Police Director Thomas Gawo. They claimed that Koijee had shipped firearms from America to Liberia.

However, Koijee has vehemently denied these claims. He explained that his recent trip to the United States was solely intended to meet with his American counterpart to discuss the procurement of uniforms for the Monrovia city police, among other matters.

Despite these assurances, the mayor remains under scrutiny. Only time will tell if the allegations against him have any merit.

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