Judge Gbeisay Sharply Reacts to Party Litigant’s Complaint

Judge Yormie Quiqui Gbeisay has sharply responded to an allegation against him by a party litigant who took his complaint of alleged unethical conduct at the Judicial Inquiry Committee (JIC).

A party litigant, Hans Armstrong, who took the no-nonsense judge’s to the JIC, alleged that Judge Gbeisay insulted him during a conference in an action of divorce filed by his wife.

Judge Gbeisay, in his response, noted that from his interaction with Armstrong he appears to be a hardcore racist who does not have respect for black people.

The judge, reacting in his response, said, “He (Mr. Armstrong) seems to have colonial mentality that black people are less human.”

Judge Gbeisay further challenged Armstrong to prove that he insulted him.

Explaining the incident that prompted the debate, the judge said the truth of the matter is that an assignment was issued for the hearing of his motion for newly discovered evidence filed on January 22, 2021 in an action of divorce.

However, prior to the hearing of the motion his wife’s lawyer had earlier filed a motion for suit money, demanding US$25,000.00

He further noted that Armstrong, who was represented by a lawyer, could not allow the hearing to proceed when Cllr. Alfred Sayeh contended and argued that, to be able to proceed with the hearing in the motion for newly discovered evidence, his legal fee must first be settled.

“He continues to interrupt the court’s proceeding, and even insulted his wife’s lawyer, Cllr. Alfred W. Sayeh, which resulted into chaos and temporary disruption of the court’s preceding,” the judge noted in his response.

Accordingly, with the disturbance of court proceeding by Armstrong, Judge Gbeisay, in his wisdom, chose not to hold him in contempt in the interest of justice, and reduced the lawyer’s charged from US$25,000 to US$6,000.00j

Meanwhile, Judge Gbeisay informed the JIC, “So my ruling, reducing the wife lawyer’s proposed charge of US$25,000.00 to US$6,000 is justified, and since he did not appeal it is final and is being enforced. I submitted that the ruling is not an unethical issue, and he has remedy at law if not satisfied.”

Judge Gbeisay prayed for a request to the JIC to dismiss the complaint against him for ethical transgression in its totality, but the JIC is yet to make a final decision.

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