Liberia Hosts ECOWAS Parliament 1st Extraordinary Session Thursday

Liberia is expected to host the first ECOWAS Extraordinary Session for this year 2022, the disclosure was made by Liberia’s Representative to the ECOWAS Parliament Rep. Clarence Massaquoi Tuesday during the House’s 15th Day sitting of the 5th session.

Rep. Massaquoi informs Plenary that ECASWAS Parliament is hosting its first extraordinary session beginning March 3, 2022 at the Ministerial Complex in Congo.

He said the ECOWAS Parliament will hold its 2022 First in-person Extraordinary Session within the context of the recent development of a series of unconstitutional change of government by means of military coups d’état.

These coups d’état occurred respectively, in Mali, on 18 August 2020, in Guinea, on 5 September 2021 and in Burkina Faso, on 23 January 2022, and an attempted one in Guinea Bissau on 1 February 2022.

The ECOWAS Parliamentarian told plenary that House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers will make remarks at the opening session.

The main objective of the Extraordinary Session is to evaluate the current challenges of democratic retrogression and the socio-political and security situation in the region.

The Parliamentary Body will review political actions and decisions that have influenced the disruption of the rule of law and the unconstitutional change of Government in the region and at the same time evaluate the deteriorating state of security and terrorism and the influence of terrorist actions in the ECOWAS region and the possible intervention by the ECOWAS Standby Force.

The ECOWAS Parliamentarians are expected to review the sanctions regime on unconstitutional change of government and make recommendations on the management of political and security institutions in the region.

The Parliamentary body will examine and re-evaluate the ECOWAS Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance, in response to how it impacts on political governance, early warning mechanisms and institutional management in the region and will adopt resolutions from the parliamentary proceedings of the Extraordinary Session.

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