Liberian Senate Pro Tempory Accuses US Ambassador of Spreading False Propaganda ahead of Elections

The President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Albert T. Chie, has accused U.S. Ambassador to Liberia Michael McCarthy of spreading false propaganda in support of the opposition ahead of the country’s presidential and legislative elections.

Chie criticized McCarthy for not verifying his statements before making them public, particularly his accusations that government officials are focused on their own interests rather than improving the lives of ordinary citizens.

While Chie acknowledged that the Liberian Legislature appropriated a large budget for itself, he defended the decision, stating that lawmakers used their salaries to fund development projects in their respective counties.

Chie claimed that McCarthy’s interference in Liberian politics has led to his recall by Washington.

However, local media reports contradict Chie’s claim that the Grand Kru County Superintendent was unaware of McCarthy’s visit, raising questions about the accuracy of Chie’s other statements.

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