Mayor Koijee refutes claims of requesting a meeting with the proprietor of Spoon Network, Mr. Stanton Witherspoon.

The Lord Mayor of Monrovia, Jefferson Koijee, vehemently denied ever making any attempt to meet with the owner of SpoonNetwork, Stanton Witherspoon. In a strongly worded post on his official Facebook page, the Mayor refuted the claims made by Witherspoon and called them “diabolical.”

Koijee clarified that he never spoke to the management of SPOONTV, as falsely represented by the indicted felon Witherspoon. The Mayor also accused Witherspoon of being a fake Nursing Degree seller and a bad example for any decent Liberian.

Furthermore, Koijee challenged Witherspoon or his CEO to provide any call record that showed his request for a meeting with them. The Mayor described the claims as devilish, diabolical, deceptive, and intended to mislead the public into believing that he wanted to settle scores with them.

Koijee urged the public not to believe anything coming from the criminal indictee and assured them that the law would take its course soon.

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