MCC Police Chief Rubbishes Allegation of Lobbying to be Deputy at LDEA

Colonel Thomas Garwo, Jr., Director of Police at the Monrovia City Government, has termed as myth and calculated misinformation from detractors parading the political corridors that he is pushing his case to be appointed to the Deputy Director as the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency.

Speaking to this media institution recently, Colonel Garwo stressed that his loyalty to the City Government is far beyond individual interest and he has no plan to leaving his present position for another area, especially to serve as the LDEA Deputy Boss as it has been speculated across the country.

“How can I be the Director of Police at the Monrovia City Government, then I be advocating for a Deputy Director job? I was a ranking officer at the LNP as Chief Superintendent for Police and now, I am a police instructor at the Liberia National Police. If I were seeking big position at the time I was in the LNP, people who I worked with would have disclosed it to the public. I am very satisfied with what I have and thank God for my boss, Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee for his leadership ability and his vision to transform the City of Monrovia, which is my dream and should be the thinking of every patriotic Liberian, Colonel Garwo asserted.

He also noted that prior to his appointment to the Director of the Monrovia City Police by Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee, he served his country at the Liberia National Police as Chief Superintendent of Police and later reduced himself as a patrol man at the City Government for two years.

The Monrovia City Government Director of Police further stressed that he is not occupying that position because of money, but for passion he has for the job, adding that he cannot be at this current level in his security and intelligence profession and be eager to move to the LDEA.

Also commenting on another rumor, that Colonel Thomas Garwo, Jr., Director of Monrovia City Police is a die-hard CDCian, he clarified that although he hails from the the Jehovah’s Witness, where they do not participate in a voting procebut he is glad to be called a CDCian if others hold said belief about him.

He also said there is nothing wrong if he becomes as it has been insinuated in the public, because it is the CDC that is putting food on his table, stressing that many people, including junior and senior police officers he trained at the academy, know what he stands for.

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