MCC to Prevent Street Selling in Duala

The Police Director of the Monrovia City Government, Col. Thomas Garwo, has disclosed a huge deployment of City Police Officers at the famous Duala Market on the Bushrod Island on Saturday to peacefully prevent sellers from selling along the streets.

Appearing as a guest on Bana FM on Friday, Col. Garwo stressed that the intent of the exercise is to also take down about 46 billboards, ranging from Duala to Red Hill Field Community in Montserrado County Electoral District
#17, to keep the city ordinance in the country, terming the area as a no go zone on Saturday.

The Monrovia City Government Police boss also said the decision has been communicated to the relevant security authorities, including the Zone One Police Depot and the Liberia Immigration Service for their cooperation.

He also noted that his team will educate the Duala Marketers about the beautification of the City of Monrovia and not to intimidate them, noting that his officers will be on post at about 4:30 am.

He also recounted that the sellers in the Duala Market were earlier informed about the City Police exercise to be carried out in the area, stressing that street selling poses serious hazardous threats to the lives of citizens and impedes the smooth movement of vehicles on the main streets.

Meanwhile, Col. Garwo has unearthed that plans are currently underway to prevent the selling of gasoline on the main streets of Monrovia, stressing that act is against the City Ordinance.

According to him, his office has officially written the LIS authorities to finalize the plans, after which, Col. Garwo said the document will be taken to Mayor Jefferson Koijee for final approval.

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