Members of the COVID-19 Task Force in District 16 Still Awaiting Salary Payment from Mayor Koijee, Says SG Wesseh

The Executive Committee of the District #16 Coronavirus Taskforce has called on Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Koijee and Representative Dixon Seboe of Montserrado County to fulfill the payment of over US$30,000 promised by the Mayor to pay taskforce workers in 2020.

Speaking to the press recently, the Secretary General of the taskforce, Peter Wesseh narrated that the District Number 16 Coronavirus Taskforce was established by Representative Seboe during the heat of the pandemic in the country, adding that under the instruction of Representative Seboe, over 260 active case finders were initially recruited on a voluntary basis.

According to Wesseh, Mayor Koijee publicly made a promised to pay the salaries of each member of the task force for two months, when he was invited to the district by the Lawmaker to meet with the active case finders. After a series of engagements with Representative Seboe and Mayor Koijee, the workers are yet to receive their money since March of 2020.

He also stressed that the situation is causing serious embarrassment for them, as leaders of the active case finders, noting that the workers somehow hold the view that both Representative Seboe and Mayor Koijee had given them the money but they reportedly failed to inform them

The group’s Secretary General further indicated, that it has exceeded a year now since the Executive Committee has been making efforts to get a redress from Representative Seboe and the Mayor about the payment, noting that it has been the usual saying of the Lawmaker that when people work for their money, they must be paid.

Meanwhile, Peter Wesseh noted that the active case finders of the District #16 Coronavirus Taskforce are still willing to work with Representative Seboe and Mayor Koijee to find an amicable solution through further negotiation.

According to Wesseh, violence should never be the way forward in solving problems in the country.

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