Minister Nathaniel McGill : “I’m Not Involved in Mr. Alexander Cummings’ Case, Alan White, Congressman Chris Smith Are Attempting to Blackmail me”.

Monrovia : A leaked message   from the Council of Patriots’ (COP) WhatsApp chatroom,  has somewhat exposed McGill and the government’s alleged interference with the case.

The leaked message reads, “Further to our conversation the other day, I have made some inquiries. The prosecution of Alexander Cummings on what appears to be trumped up charges has not been well-received. There is renewed interest in Nathaniel McGill, whom you know from our previous conversations there is a dossier on. Now Benoni Urey and his daughter Telia have also attracted attention, as has the Solicitor General Sayma Syrenius Cephus. I think people are also looking into the judge’s record, to see if he has a history of corruption. Just wanted to let you know, based on our relationship. Other than that, I hope you have a good weekend.”

But Mr. Nathaniel  McGill, the man at the center stage of the allegation,  has described as blackmail those text  messages reportedly coming  from the offices of US Congressman Chris Smith and the former Chief Prosecutor of the UN-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone, Mr. Alan White.

The country’s  Minister of State for presidential Affairs, discounted claims that he  has  interest in the case involving Mr. Alexander  Cummings, the Standard Bearer of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), on charges of forgery and criminal conspiracy, filed by ALP Benoni W. Urey.

“I am not involved in Mr. Alexander Cummings’ case. Unfortunately, I received a text message purported to be from Mr. Allan White and Chris Smith, threatening me, the Solicitor General, the Judge of the Magisterial Court, Mr. Urey and his daughter.

“When I got the message, I shared with those involved which include Urey; and recently there has been rumors that Allan White and Chris Smith are working for Cummings so they are threatening that we are involved”, he said.

Mr. McGill added that the current case is a popular one  that has been in the public for over three months amongst the four collaborating political parties.

“The message was sent two days ago. I was shocked and I laughed about it; so, I sent it to Urey and told him Allan White says he is coming for us.”

“What is interesting is Liberians are not condemning the fact that foreigners are threatening the judge of a court. No judge in the US can be threatened; our responsibility is that Cummings goes to court and gets a fair trial. Government has no side in this case. It is premature for anyone to suggest that Cummings is guilty; these are allegations.

“What people don’t understand is that people in the opposition are all our friends. I am not a bad guy; the only issue people have with me is that I always protect my side. I protect President George Weah.

“The government is not working for ALP; we are working with ALP. Let me clarify that I am not involved in the case; there is no plan by government to ban Cummings because he has violated no law to be stopped. It is an internal issue even though it has a criminal aspect,” he concluded.

Though the message is pointing accusing fingers at McGill for alleged involvement in the Cummimgs’ criminal trial case, he McGill wonders why  Liberians are not condemning the fact that foreigners are threatening the judge of a court, .. when no  judge in the US can be threatened.

All this is happening days after  Cummings accused the government of  alleged   interference in his case at the court.

Information minister, Ledgerhood Renny, however sounded sarcastic in his response to Cummings’ allegation.

He said, the CPP must not drag the government into what he  describes  as a  disgraceful commotion , simply because of individual’s  desperation for political power.

No one knows how all this is going to end, but linking the government to collapsing the CPP is like putting gas on a fire already out of control.

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