Monrovia City Police Director, Col. Thomas Garwo, has Come Forward to Expose the True Orchestrator behind the Sinister Plots Aimed at Ruining the Reputation of Mayor Jefferson Koijee and the CDC government. In his Testimony, he Revealed that Stanton Witherspoon is the Mastermind and Primary Financial Backer of all the Evil Schemes

During a press conference organized by Cllr. Arthur Johnson in Monrovia on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, Monrovia City Police Director, Col. Thomas Garwo accused former Spoon Network CEO, Stanton Witherspoon of financing evil plots aimed at destroying Mayor Jefferson Koijee and the CDC government. Garwo went on to claim that Alex Williams, formerly of LISGIS, had confessed to receiving $10,000 from Witherspoon while in Liberia to destroy Finance Minister Samuel Tweah.

Garwo’s return from the United States was reportedly secured by the Monrovia City Corporation after he attempted to seek asylum in the US. The City Government intervened after Garwo revealed that he had received threats for releasing sensitive information to the public.

During the press conference, Garwo also alleged that Witherspoon had given him $1,000 and a different phone to use while in the US to speak falsely against the Monrovia City Mayor. Garwo clarified that he did not write or sign any resignation letter, and that the letter circulating on social media with his name misspelled as “Garlo” is fake.

Garwo called on the Liberian government and international partners to provide him and his family with security, stating that his home was vulnerable.

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