More than 3,000 employees from the Beaches and Water-ways initiative have issued a warning to President Weah, stating that they will cause him distress if he does not repay their 11-month overdue salaries that were waived, or offer them a position in the new project.

The Coastal Sanitation project workers have issued an ultimatum to President George Weah. They demand that he either pays them their arrears or allows them to remain on the project.

The workers claim that the Liberian government, through Youth and Sports Minister Zeogar Wilson, has failed to uphold a memorandum of understanding previously signed with local leaders. The deal had agreed that the workers would waive their 11 months’ arrears in exchange for being retained on the project due to the government’s economic challenges.

The workers have been vocal about their demands, but President Weah has yet to address the issue. With over 3,000 former workers affected, they have threatened to use their votes to punish the Liberian leader if he ignores their cries.

The workers also expressed disappointment with Representative Dixon Seboe and other lawmakers for their inaction.

A document containing their grievances has been passed to President Weah through his confidant, Mr. Henry Collins.

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