National Commission on Disabilities Celebrates International White Cane Safety Day in Liberia

The National Commission on Disability, in collaboration with the National Union of Organizations of the Disabled, on Friday celebrated International White Cane Safety Day under the theme, “Our Eyes are the Window to the World.” The event brought together people with disabilities from across the 15 political sub-divisions of Liberia.

Speaking during the program held at the Monrovia city hall, Mrs. Eve D. K Nifor, the keynote Speaker, said the cane is a symbol used by people who are Visually impaired to alert the public about a physically challenge person. 

She added that the white cane safety day is not only meant to advocate for the rights of people living with disabilities, but rather it’s also used to honor achievements of people who are  Visually impaired and to recognize the role of the cane. 

Eve D.K Nifor ended by thanking the government of Liberia for providing some financial support for this year’s International White Cane Safety Day and she looks forward to the smooth passage of the NCD Act that is before the Liberia National Legislature.

She added that the White Cane is used as a symbol and protection for road users or as a tools for traveling and to alert the public in general that the user is blind and needs concentration and help by sighted persons.

 Mrs. Nifoe further said that White Cane Day is celebrated around the world to honor the visually impaired   and to recognize the significance of the cane and the role it plays in their lives.

Remarking at the same time is the Executive Director of the National Commission for Disabilities Amb. Diantowon Pay-Bayee thanked and expressed appreciation to the President of Liberia for giving people living with disabilities the opportunity to serve their country.

She further extended thanks to development partners who always ensure that people living with disabilities can have the right to basic life necessities.

The Executive Director Stressed that  Disability  is not inability therefore one living with such condition should be given the space to serve his or her Country that which can alleviate  them from stagnated  thoughts and adeal poverty they   can serve as  great consultant or policy maker to every government entity and institution.

She Concluded by saying that the White Cane Safety  Day  is a great day to all persons living with Disabilities  which was a join resolution  by the US Congress for those who are visually Impaired.

Written By: Elijah D. S. Pyne

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