NCCL, in Collaboration with MCC, to undertake National Spiritual Revolution

The National Christian Council  of Liberia, in collaboration with the Monrovia City Government, is expected  to undertake a day long Spiritual Cleansing  Service under the theme “Spiritual Revolution” on Oct 28, 2021.

Speaking in a join press briefing at the Monrovia City Hall was Bishop’s J. Rudolf Marsh, President of the  National Christian Council of Liberia, and Bishop of the Worshipers of the Lord Jesus Christ Ministry.

 “This revolutionary service is meant for the deliverance of Liberia. There are spiritual errors our forefathers made, and we need to help Liberia to be delivered,” the Clergyman disclosed. The Liberian problem is not physical, but spiritual, and it is only the intervention  of God that can change it.

He further noted that on this basis, the Lord has instructed him to organize  this Spiritual  Cleansing  Service, which will help Liberia to get back on path with other countries around  the world.

Bishop Marsh mentioned that the spiritual revolution did not come during the administration of past government. There is a time for every season and that time is now. The Lord  has chosen October 28, 2021 as the rightful time.

He  said if Liberians work in this spiritual  draft, she will be liberated  from the hands of the wicked and the satanic devisis of the devil that cause the country’s poverty. 

The Liberian Bishop said that if you see a nation turning from God, it makes  even the foreigners possess  your resources, and you become second class citizens in your own land.

He disclosed that the problem  of Liberia is not economic or political, but spiritual and called on Liberians everywhere to be part of the revolution. This is the day that has been set aside to change the atmosphere  of the country.

For his part, the Monrovia City Mayor , Jefferson T. Koijee added, “This revolution came  so as we as a people  can be so we as a people can serve. This prophecy  is very important  on the 28th of October to all Liberians.”

He stressed that the day is not about Soccer, Political Party,  talents show or one county coming together. The day is about God’s business unless Satan is your friend. That’s the only reason you won’t be part of the revolution. If you are sick or not placed, make your way. He further mentioned  that the day is not  about denomination but all Liberians.

Mayor Koijee disclosed that since  the formation of Liberia there is nothing called Spiritual Revolution  in Liberia or Africa. He said he’s very glad that in his lifetime this Spiritual Revolution has been launched. As a revolutionary who believe in the concept  of society, by the grace of God the  city government has endorsed  the initiative and and is calling on the President to approve  it.

He said the President is a religious person and he would love to be there. He also instructed his Chief of Office Staff, Madam Clark, to work with Bishop Marsh to aid in making sure that the day is a success.

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